Vanilla Spice Pear Preserves (small batch)

I personally am not a fan of fruit… or anything sweet for that matter. I will eat it occasionally, but I’m not one to seek out an apple or a banana for a snack. Our CSA/grocery pick up last week included a lot of pears, but not normal pears. They were the tiniest pears I had ever seen. My husband loves the fruit, but he felt like it was a waste of time to each such a tiny pear and get three bites from it. When deciding what to do, I wanted to make a yummy preserve because I know he would be more likely to use it on his morning waffles and I could spice it up with vanilla and cinnamon to make it more winter appropriate!

We didn’t have enough pears to make this recipe in bulk, which is what I come across with most recipes, but it can easily be scaled to can your preserves! I personally love to have the preserves in my pantry to grab at any time, but I also love to have this quick and easy recipe to make in small batches when I’m in the mood for a warm and spiced spread for any fresh baked goodies! It also puts use to fruits that the hubby might not grab and eat otherwise.

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