Copper-Dipped Christmas Ornaments

White and copper christmas ornaments

Let me be frank; I am so picky when it comes to decor, especially holiday decor. To the point where I have no ornaments on my tree because the ones I have aren’t cohesive enough. I made the mistake last year of not buying bulk ornaments after Christmas ended when everything had crazy mark-downs, so I’m left with a hodge podge of gifted ornaments of all shapes, sizes and textures. Nothing against them, they have great sentimental value – but I didn’t have any foundation pieces to hold them together, so my tree looks sad and confused.

We also admittedly bought a tree hastily (mostly because I was impatient) so our tree is less than perfect on it’s own. We switched it up this year and went with a Balsam Fir, whose branches are weak and needles fall off extremely easily. So, I realized I had to do whatever i could to make it presentable. Garland will only get us so far considering the tree is HUGE and I would have to buy a gazillion feet, which isn’t very budget friendly.

So, I wanted to take on the project of making my own set of ornaments! I love the concept of the white Christmas decor, but I am not a silver girl (as the name states), which is what most white Christmas decor is paired with. I wanted a clean and simple white design with a pop of copper. Thus was born: Copper dipped Christmas ornaments.

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