No-Bake Double Chocolate Protein Bars

double chocolate no bake protein bars

Whew…. Did you survive the holidays? It’s always such a busy time for my house. Especially with friends in town and off work, I feel like I’m always out and about doing something. But, today I have time to relax and prep for New Years Eve. I haven’t given much thought to my resolution this year, but I love the concept of continuous self-improvement and I try to do this year round, not just on one day.

My husband recently started a new job, and told me he wants to take advantage of the free in-house gym. Perfect timing for a classic new years resolution. So, to support him in his endeavor, I set out to the grocery store! While walking the aisles, I saw protein bars on sale. I thought, “score!” and went about my shopping. Somehow, I ended back up in that aisle (I shouldn’t grocery shop alone) and traded in my pre-made bars for plant-based protein powder. After comparing the costs, I realized I could get much more for my money from the powder in bulk while making my own bars!

My husband LOVES anything chocolate, so I knew I had to create something brownie-like. I wanted to avoid the chalky texture and flavor you can get from protein powder, and the coconut oil and almond milk really help with that. I also wanted a super simple recipe that I could easily replicate without pulling out the food processor or preheating the oven. Thus, double chocolate no bake protein bars were born!

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