Copper-Dipped Christmas Ornaments

White and copper christmas ornaments

Let me be frank; I am so picky when it comes to decor, especially holiday decor. To the point where I have no ornaments on my tree because the ones I have aren’t cohesive enough. I made the mistake last year of not buying bulk ornaments after Christmas ended when everything had crazy mark-downs, so I’m left with a hodge podge of gifted ornaments of all shapes, sizes and textures. Nothing against them, they have great sentimental value – but I didn’t have any foundation pieces to hold them together, so my tree looks sad and confused.

We also admittedly bought a tree hastily (mostly because I was impatient) so our tree is less than perfect on it’s own. We switched it up this year and went with a Balsam Fir, whose branches are weak and needles fall off extremely easily. So, I realized I had to do whatever i could to make it presentable. Garland will only get us so far considering the tree is HUGE and I would have to buy a gazillion feet, which isn’t very budget friendly.

So, I wanted to take on the project of making my own set of ornaments! I love the concept of the white Christmas decor, but I am not a silver girl (as the name states), which is what most white Christmas decor is paired with. I wanted a clean and simple white design with a pop of copper. Thus was born: Copper dipped Christmas ornaments.


DIY copper dipped christmas ornament

I am all about simple. And while most people don’t consider glitter simple, I think it can be very elegant when used in moderation. All I used for this project was 3 packs of clear glass ornaments (came in packs of 6), white chalk spray paint, glitter glue, and copper glitter. The materials all together cost about $25 and I got 18 ornaments and I have plenty of leftover spray paint, glue and glitter.

DIY ornament materials

The packaging that these particular ornaments came in was perfect for my vision. I didn’t want them to be absolutely perfect, and I wanted to have a whimsical design for the dip feature. I took the ornaments out of the plastic they were in, and set them back into the cardboard tray at random angles. I then took them outside and sprayed them with the chalk spray paint – being sure I got every exposed angle without over spraying to avoid drips.


As you see, the opening where they are hung from is randomly placed,  meaning the clear parts will all be in different positions. You can easily make them all consistent by placing them upright. You could also paint the entire bulb if you’re worried about it being inconsistent.

I waited about 30 minutes for that to dry completely, as I didn’t want any glitter to stick to wet paint. From here, I used the clear spots as my inspiration for where the glitter would be placed.

White chalk spray painted Christmas ornament

I did not use tape, although you could if you wanted a crisp line. I was satisfied with how it turned out without the tape, and I didn’t want to risk peeling off any of the paint. Now comes the fun part… GLITTER!

Contrary to popular opinion, I love glitter. I am naturally attracted to sparkly and shiny and I can’t resist a little pop of glitter. Especially copper glitter.

I held the ornaments painted in glitter glue over a paper towel and sprinkled on glitter, shaking to disperse the mountains I created. I would get about 4 ornaments done before I needed to replace what had fallen out. I simply funneled the glitter from the paper towel back into the container I was using, and viola! I had a full container of glitter again.

DIY ornament glitter glue

I am ecstatic with how these turned out! They’re all the things I love in one little glass ball – copper, simplicity and Christmas!

This project was so much fun, I may even make it a tradition to create a new ornament every year. Do you have and Christmas DIYs that you love? I’d love to hear about them! Leave me a comment below.

Copper and white ornaments

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